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mimijumi's blog: Better Feeding for all Babies

Top 4 Items for Breastfeeding Moms

March 02, 2016


Remember when a certain celebrity mom (whose name rhymes with Lake Ively) revealed the contents of her purse? Everyone was shocked that she had a baby bottle nipple in her bag – everyone except new moms, that is. In partnership with Stork Maternity Consulting, we’ve put together a list of items that all you new moms should have in your bags, if you don’t already. 

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6 Must-Haves For New Moms Going Back To Work

January 20, 2016

This article originally appeared on Working Moms Against Guilt.

Whether you’re pregnant, want a baby, or are home right now (exhausted) with a newborn, you’ve probably wondered what it will be like going back to work. I mean, how do people DO it?

Well, I did it, and millions of other moms have too. It ain’t easy, but it is possible.

Over the years, we’ve collected lots of wisdom and advice from many women on what it takes to go back to work like a champ. In a partnership with mimijumi, the back-to-work baby bottle brand, Working Moms Against Guilt is sharing our top tools and tips to make the back-to-work journey guilt-free for all moms. I think you’ll find this list of must-have gear and habits invaluable, whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping, or a combination that works for you.

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Favorite Stocking Stuffers: Gifts That Give Back

November 25, 2015

 The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes the holiday shopping.  This year, we've put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffers - all of which are made by companies who actively seek to promote the welfare of women and children and give back to communities around the world!  

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5 Best Gifts for a Baby Under 1

June 05, 2015


Christmas is next week, and while many of you probably have your shopping finished, we thought it might be nice to bring you last minute shoppers or someone who's having a hard time deciding what to get their baby this list. We've searched high and low, tested a bunch of products, and decided these 5 are our favorites for little ones 1 and under.

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