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mimijumi's blog: Better Feeding for all Babies

Moms Celebrating Dad & Baby Time

June 15, 2016
By: Lauren Fuhrer


Hey Moms! As Father’s Day approaches, we want to know what kind of Dads you are celebrating. There are so many types of Dads out there, and of course, a guy may not fall neatly into one category. But…we want to know from you, Moms: What kind of Dad does your baby have when you leave the house?

1. The Gamer:

He cannot put down the controller for long enough to feed baby but hey, he makes it work and we can't discredit the innovation! We also can't help but notice this position would be easier with a mimijumi bottle under dad's chin.

 gamer dad              

2.The Experimenter:

Dads are curious by nature, just like our little ones so some "let's see what happens when..." moments are bound to occur during thier bonding session. 



3. The Prankster:

 The two of them make us laugh like no other, even if it is at the expense of our sanity sometimes.

baby and dad in car

4. The Subcontractor:

Man's best friend can be baby's best friend too, right? Dad also needs some help without mom around, it's just too bad he can't change diapers.

baby and dog






5. The Outdoorsman:

"I'll take the baby out to get some fresh air and exercise (which may or may not include an ax)." I guess it's never too early to bond through physical laobr?

  outdoors man with baby

6. The Snuggler:

Being a Dad is exhausting, but bonding through sleepy cuddles make it all worth it. He'll be close when baby wakes up hungry for his/her mimijumi bottle.

baby and dad snuggle

Or is it just one big dance party while you are out?

dad and baby dance party

Just know Moms, that when you leave the house, it gives Dad and baby time to bond however they (or just Dad for now) choose. It’s not always easy for us to leave (especially the first few times), but it’s important to make time for yourself and let Dad have his bonding time with baby. By enabling Dad to feed baby himself, mimijumi is the perfect tool to help foster this important relationship! Here’s to you Mom, for being brave and letting Dad have his time with baby. Who knows how you’ll find them when you get home…  

dad and baby bonding








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