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5 Resolutions for Parents

December 29, 2017


Every time we ring in the new year, people everywhere make resolutions. Some say resolutions are made to be broken. They last for about a week and then are forgotten about as we go back to our regular lifestyle. This year, we have come up with 5 resolutions parents should make... and stick to! Pick one, or all 5 and have a happier new year... fair warning though, none of them are easy!

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Pumping & Working Mom Essentials - Giveaway

April 14, 2016


mimijumi has partnered with Jessica Shortall for a giveaway that will make a working and breastfeeding mom's transition back to work easier than ever!

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Favorite Stocking Stuffers: Gifts That Give Back

November 25, 2015

 The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes the holiday shopping.  This year, we've put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffers - all of which are made by companies who actively seek to promote the welfare of women and children and give back to communities around the world!  

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Traveling with Baby - Tips and Tricks

November 08, 2015


Thanksgiving is around the corner, and with Thanksgiving, travel is almost always on the books. Regardless of if your travel is a 5 or 500 mile trip, traveling during the holidays can be stressful on it's own. Add a baby into the mix and it gets even more difficult! We can't work miracles, but we can help you get ready to travel with baby with these tips.

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November 07, 2015


It's important for bottles to be clean. mimijumi bottles are super easy to clean - just toss them in the dishwasher! The wide mouth means you don't need a special brush to clean them, and the simple design (just 3 parts!) makes clean up quick. That being said, sometimes it's good to get them REALLY clean by sterilizing your bottles. Many people use the microwave to sterilize, but with mimijumi you don't want to.

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How to Use a Bottle

September 07, 2015


So often, we take the practice of bottle feeding for granted. Have a look at this lactation consultant's explanation of bottle feeding - it's clearly more complicated than most people realize; especially if you're using a bottle that doesn't require a proper latch. mimijumi should make this process easier for you. Give us a try!

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3 Things Moms Can Stop Feeling Guilty About

June 08, 2015

Mom Guilt.

There it is. Staring at us. Judging us. Reminding us what a failure we are and how awful we are to our child(ren).

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5 Best Gifts for a Baby Under 1

June 05, 2015


Christmas is next week, and while many of you probably have your shopping finished, we thought it might be nice to bring you last minute shoppers or someone who's having a hard time deciding what to get their baby this list. We've searched high and low, tested a bunch of products, and decided these 5 are our favorites for little ones 1 and under.

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The Cost of Bottles Adds Up - Why Risk It?

April 18, 2015


There's no denying it, babies are EXPENSIVE. Medical expenses, clothing, diapers, all the gear... it adds up, QUICKLY! So why not cut costs where you can and order a baby bottle that has been proven to work the first time?

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Is Your Baby Hungry?

March 12, 2015

We may be biased, but we think mimijumi bottles have the cutest names out there. The Not So Hungry bottle is 4 oz., and it's big brother is the Very Hungry bottle at 8 oz. Which one do you need for your baby? How much milk should your little one be drinking each feed? These are questions best discussed with your pediatrician as every baby is different, but we've put together a quick reference for general feeding amounts based on age. Hopefully this will help you decide which bottle would best suit your baby, and give you peace of mind knowing they are eating what they should be, when they should be!

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