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mimijumi's blog: Better Feeding for all Babies

Katie Coyne, MS, IBCLC

Katie is a lactation consultant with Stork Maternity Consulting. Stork assists moms in the Austin, Texas area and empowers them in their prenatal education, doula services, postpartum support groups, lactation services, and so much more. Stork prides themselves on providing evidence-based and judgment free services. They are the first luxury maternity group in Austin. Whether you live in Austin or not, it is a great idea to find your support system before delivery. They say that it, “takes a village to raise a baby,” for a reason!

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Myths Busted: Breast Milk Production

June 16, 2017


Every generation has their share of motherly myths – from how to induce labor to determining gender in the womb. There are even myths about breastfeeding -- will going out without your little one affect your milk supply? We have the answers. 

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The Confusion about “Nipple Confusion”

April 11, 2016


No, babies do not confuse a bottle for their mom’s breast—which is why the term itself is rather confusing. But as with anything in the lactation world, it’s not that black and white. Let’s dig in to why…

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Top 4 Items for Breastfeeding Moms

March 02, 2016


Remember when a certain celebrity mom (whose name rhymes with Lake Ively) revealed the contents of her purse? Everyone was shocked that she had a baby bottle nipple in her bag – everyone except new moms, that is. In partnership with Stork Maternity Consulting, we’ve put together a list of items that all you new moms should have in your bags, if you don’t already. 

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Q & A: Top 4 Breastfeeding Questions

March 02, 2016


While there are many benefits to breastfeeding for mom and baby, it may not always come easy. You're not alone, Momma. Here are the 4 most common breastfeeding questions, answered by Katie Coyne, MS, IBCLC, with Stork Maternity Consulting. 

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