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10 Mom Bod Day Celebration Ideas

May 06, 2016
By: Nancy Dillon

Since we all agree that Mom Bods Are Amazing, let’s think of ways to celebrate!

5 Ways to Celebrate Mom Bod Day with your family

1. Breakfast in Bed - let someone else cook for you for once while you kick back and relax in your PJs.

2. A Spontaneous Dance Party - because who doesn't love to get their boogie on?

happy dance

3. A Family Walk in a National Park - Celebrate our national parks while educating our children and relaxing in nature.

4. Exercise with your happy baby - Stay active while giving baby the attention they crave.

It can be like this: 


Or like this:

home workout

 5.  Enjoy some extended tummy time - it won't last long so get the most out of the tender moments. 

tummy time


Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, take advantage of this special day by leaving your happy baby (and your mimijumi bottle) with Dad or the Grandparents so you can enjoy some Me Time.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mom Bod Day with some Me Time

1. Go to a Movie - 2+ hours of peace and quiet! Who doesn't want that??

2. Host a girlfriends’ brunch - Or better yet…go out!

3. Sign up for a yoga class - get in touch with your spiritual side

4. Write a letter of gratitude to your mom - she deserves it and you realize it now more than ever.

5. Pour yourself a glass of wine - wine soothes all :)

more wine

Happy Mom Bod Day!  

--Nancy Dillon

happy dance


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