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mimijumi's blog: Better Feeding for all Babies

Planning for Baby Number Two?

November 17, 2017

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s no time like the present”. However, when it comes to expanding your family, the future may feel far away but the present time may seem frightening, or so you think… but how do you know when the time is right?

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Let the Holiday Hallmark Season Begin

November 15, 2017

Now that Halloween is over and we have secretly enjoyed stealing the extra trick or treat candy from our kids, there is a new guilty pleasure that I know I cannot wait to indulge in for the next two months… Hallmark Christmas movies. You read that right… I LOVE Hallmark Christmas movies and this year, I am not afraid to admit it.

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Our Mimijumi Story: One Picky Baby's Perfect Bottle

November 13, 2017


I have not put pen to paper in a long time now. I haven't been physically well, and writing goes from relaxing to taxing when the simple act of holding the laptop drains me to the point of needing sleep. But, in my typical fashion, I won't speak too much about the less than happy moments of life. 

As I am beyond sure you know, we are a family that believes breast is best! (No debate invited or accepted.) 

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Jaundice in Newborns: What You Need to Know

October 27, 2017

One thing that is more common than you may think in newborns 2-3 days old is breastfeeding jaundice, occurring in approximately 60% of all babies. Jaundice causes a baby’s skin or the whites of their eyes to appear yellow. It is something to be aware of and know the effective treatment methods so no future complications occur.

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It's Scary Being a New Mom

October 13, 2017

Scared to be a new mom? I was too.

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No need to pace feed!

October 01, 2017

Overfeeding does not happen often when breastfeeding, but can happen when giving your baby a bottle. When a baby is overfed, they cannot properly digest their formula or breastmilk and it can cause them pain in their stomachs and gas. This is where paced feeding comes to the rescue. It’s useful for babies to be able to control how much milk they get. 

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Dealing with Postpartum Depression

September 15, 2017

It’s that lurking feeling that things just aren’t right.

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Getting Smart with Maternity Leave

September 08, 2017

The US doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to the fine print of maternity leave. On the other hand, expecting moms, adopting moms, and new parents might just have a light at the end of the tunnel. For starters, in the United States, maternity leave is a growing conversation in the labor force. There are 180 countries that are already far ahead of the United States when it comes to maternity leave, but the fact that the US is now opening those doors is HUGE news for this movement.

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Thank You to All Those Hard Working Moms.

September 04, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

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Five Adjectives

August 25, 2017

Should motherhood define you as a person?  SURE.  But it’s not all of you.  Is it most likely the largest defining thing that’s happened in your life?  ABSOUTELY!  So, if someone asked you the question, “Tell me about yourself,” how would you answer?

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